Add Further Elegance to Your Home

Add Further Elegance to Your Home with Aakriti Art Creations Dining Table and Chairs

Take a peek into India’s rich tribal heritage with Aakriti furniture and crafts. Are you charmed by handmade products? Then you’d find our varied range of items most pleasing, aesthetic and durable. From kitchen items to wooden furniture, you’d find some of the best specimens in our collection.

When it comes to dining tables and chairs, we have some very unique products, available in different designs, sizes and shapes.

Marble or Wooden Dining Table – Are You Confused?

A dining table and chairs accompanying it might sound simple, but people often get confused about which they should choose. Other than the dining table design, there’s also the material that has to be considered.

Now if you’ve made up your mind about getting a wooden dining table, then there’s yet another point- should you get one with a marble top or an entirely wooden one?

Read on, and we’ll attempt to clear your doubts.

MyAakriti’s wooden dining table and chairs made with high-quality wood are known to be quite durable. And due to this inherent fine quality, these are built to last for years, if not an entire lifetime.

Adding a marble slab to the mix does not make it any less durable, however, proper care is important then.


If one considers the need for maintenance, then the marble tables do need more attention than wooden ones. A marble slab is not brittle, but it requires things such as regular sealing and cleaning for long term usage.

A wooden table requires some attention as well, like dusting, oiling and so on that help to preserve its charm for an extended period.


When choosing the right dining table design for your home, you have to keep in mind the overall theme that it has. Wooden tables are suitable for most surroundings and given that the nearby furniture is wooden too, it fits right in.

A marble table not only suits all kinds of settings, but it also looks more stylish and premium than a wooden table.


Wooden tables come in different price segments, and their pricing depends on the size and material being used.

And as you may have guessed, amarble tableconcerningthe same sized wooden table tends to cost more.

At Aakriti, there are both simple and luxurious dining table and chair options for you to choose from. Each of these carries a touch of the hard work and affection put by the women and mothers that create them.

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