Getting a Centre Table? Know This Before You Go Furniture Shopping

For those that are picky about their furniture, choosing a centre table can take days. With so many centre table designs available today and other things to consider, things can get confusing no doubt.

Now that we know what your dilemma is, let’s get into the things to consider when getting a centre table.

Shape and Size

A centre table’s shape and size are among the key factors that determine whether it would suit your home. While there is no general rule about it, most people usually prefer a small, oval centre table.

Also, some of you may want to opt for the centre coffee table designs that are distinctive. Round, square – or maybe something else?


Getting a centre table is not just about impressing guests, there is also your style statement that matters.

For example, there are wooden ones, those with marble or glass tops and so on. Also, these are widely used as coffee tables too, which is why the ease of cleaning also matters.

Once you decide upon the type, the preferable options are automatically narrowed down to a few. This makes it easier to choose from a multitude of centre coffee table variations.

Overall Styling

The easiest way to settle upon a sofa set is to see whether it matches the overall styling of the room in which it is supposed to be placed. It is after all furniture, so the style aspect cannot be ignored.

Seating Arrangements

One of the aims of getting a centre table is to bring closure among those that are around it, be it your guests or family members.

And chances are you’d place the centre table in your living room anyway, hence seating arrangements are quite important when getting one of these. This is where you need to consider a sofa set with a centre table, or at least chairs or stools of some sort.

Also, you can look for the kinds that integrate sitting provisions in them, that look good and saves space. 

Complimentary Furniture

Solely a centre table or sofa placed in your living room looks rather awkward.

So if you don’t have something to accompany them, like an end table, for example, you may want to consider some matching coffee and end table sets.

Centre Table Designs That You’ve Never Seen Before

At Aakriti Art Creations, we offer centre tables that resemble your lifestyle and way of living, while making an amiable impression on your guests.

If elegant and unique centre tables are what you need, then taking a look at our collections is a must.

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