Here Are The Teak Wood Dining Table Categories You Must Know

While dining tables and well-worn seats around them are usually considered to be a good thing, no one likes a worn-out dining table itself. And if it is durability you’re looking for, then teak wood is a solid option.

Why Get a Teak Wood Dining Table?

Is teak wood good for a dining table? Absolutely. It looks fantastic, lasts long enough, is termite and water-resistant, allows carving and designs, and the list goes on.

Considering these qualities and the overall popularity, we might just say it is the best material for a dining table.

So if you’re interested in some elegant and durable furniture for your dining room, then here are the teak wood dining table types to ponder.


A regular teak wood dining table is, wait for it, regular and simplistic. And this isn’t an attempt at bad humor, as most of you might like this traditional style more than the others here.

As teak wood offers several customizations, even a regular dining table made from it would suit all kinds of settings. Also, there is always the option of getting the size and shape you prefer.

Glass Top

Next up is a teak wood dining table with a glass top, which many would consider more visually appealing than regular ones. Glass top dining tables are usually elegant, and a teak wood base can make things even better.

But with glass, there is a constant risk of breaking and surface damage. And that you cannot ignore, especially if you’ve got kids in your household.

Metal Legs

A teak wood dining table with metal legs is a modern option indeed. Plus, with metal, the durability aspect is elevated even further.

With the right color coating, there is no denying that metal legs look great on a dining table, which has a regular teak wood top.

So if you’re looking for all three things – modernness, sturdiness, and looks, then these you’d love.

Marble Top

A teak wood dining table with a marble top covers most of the weaknesses of one with a glass top, and needless to say looks even better. Marble is environment friendly and with some care, it lasts for several years.

But these too can scratch easily and require regular maintenance, something not possible for everyone.

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