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How To Choose The Right 2 Seater Sofa Colour?

8 out of 10 people think comfort matters more in a sofa than looks, and they aren’t wrong. But who said a sofa can’t be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time?

The majority of sofa buyers prefer the colour grey. Should you be one of them and just buy an ordinary 2 seater sofa?

It could save you some trouble and we promise we wouldn’t call you boring.

But if you want a remarkable living room, then this post is for you.

Things Sofa Colour Depends On

If you think a leather sofa always looks good in brown or black, you might be mistaken. Modern sofa trends show other colours like blue, red, green and even pink are extremely popular.

Now it’s not up to us to decide the right colour for you since that is an entirely personal decision. But, ask yourself this – do you prefer a light or dark-coloured  2 seater sofa?

Once you have an answer, things are going to be much easier.

Background Wall

Most may not realize this, but the right colour of your sofa depends on the wall in the background. Even if you don’t press it against the wall, the colour has to go along with the wall paint.

Here’s a tip- choose a light-coloured 2 seater sofa for a dark-painted wall. Alternatively, a dark-coloured sofa looks best in front of a wall that has lighter tones.


There is no hard and fast rule here, but the colour of your 2 seater sofa has to blend in well with the flooring in the room. It has to be in a way that the sofa is still visible, and yet not too glaring.

The best-looking living room is not due to one, but all of its components. So balance is key here.

Other Accessories

The lower seating capacity of a 2 seater sofa is a disadvantage, especially if you’ve got a big living room. Or is it?

The smaller size of the sofa allows you to incorporate more accessories to complement the sofa, like a designer wooden chair.

You’re probably already imagining how the setup should look like. Stick to it, and pick the colours accordingly.


The walls, flooring and the overall room might certainly dictate your colour options when getting a sofa. But that isn’t all.

Your sofa would be highlighted only when it sits in the right place in the room. That is usually in front of the TV, or at the centre, but we’ll let you figure this one out.

When Nothing Goes Right, Relax!

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