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Make Your Teak Wood Dining Table Last Longer With These Tips

Teak wood is considered one of the most luxurious and practical choices as a building material for furniture. Now it might be slightly more expensive than some of the others, but the exclusivity and durability it offers far outmatch them.

But this doesn’t mean that these don’t require maintenance. And if you’re thinking of buying (or have already bought), a teak wood dining table, here are the top tips to maintain it.

How Can You Maintain Your Teak Wood Dining Table?

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Teak wood furniture goes through something called aging, where its brown hue is turned into a grey shade due to the effects of UV rays (or sunlight). Now, this is not all bad if you like the aged aesthetic look.

However, if you’d like to preserve the brown hues, then by all means keep your teak wood dining table away from direct sunlight. Also, teak oil and sealers can slow down the aging process and boost the looks of teak furniture.

Direct Heat is No Good

Exposure to very high temperatures makes teak wood dry and shrink, something you wouldn’t want to happen to your dining table.

Given the average teak wood dining table price in India, we suggest you take ample precautions to save it from heat, especially if you live in a place where hotter climates dominate.

Don’t Allow Spills to Stay

While teak wood is water-resistant, it is not the only liquid that may spill on your dining table.

Liquids like oil, alcohol, and so on can do more than just leave a nasty stain on your teak wood dining table, so make sure to remove any spills as soon as possible.

Regular Cleaning

Using a highly diluted mixture of soap and water is an extremely easy and effective way to keep your teak wood dining table set clean.

This not only keeps the table clean for the time being but also maintains its elegance in the long run.

Don’t Forget to Polish

One of the things that you must ensure with teak furniture, including dining tables is that they have to be polished, usually at least once a year.

Now, remember that maintaining a solid wood dining table is different from maintaining a teak wood dining table with a glass top. In this instance, you’d have to take care of the glass part separately.

Looking For Teak Dining Tables Or Other Furniture?

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