Plants on Your Study Table – Just Good Decoration or Is There More?

Most people consider their study table a sacred place – the reason why they invest in a quality teak wood study table that is elegant and durable. And of all the things one may keep on it, plants are among the most popular.

For some, it is just to make the table look all cutesy, while others consider that plants can have a more profound effect.

Safe to say, there are quite a few advantages to keeping plants on your study table. Read on, and see for yourself.

Why are Plants A Good Addition For Your Teak Wood Study Table?

Good For Health

Since plants release oxygen, it is always a good idea to keep some of these indoors. But did you know that these act as natural air purifiers too?

Yes, plants can remove toxins from the surrounding air. And if you are someone that spends a considerable amount of time sitting at the teakwood study table, it is a good idea to keep the air around you clean.

Improve Productivity and Mood

Studies show that keeping plants in the workspace is good for both the productivity and mood of the people working there. While there might not be other people sitting with you at the study table, it is a workspace no doubt.

Plants like aloe vera and lavender are particularly well-known for their usefulness in this regard.

Relieve Stress

Connected directly to productivity is stress since the latter affects the former. And keeping plants on your teak wood study table is a great way to relieve stress, and ensure better focus and productivity.

We often forget about the outside world when indulging in deep work. However, a plant present on your table will help you feel connected to nature.

Moreover, it is proven that caring for plants relieves stress. Now you wouldn’t leave your desk plant unattended, would you?

Give a Creativity Boost

When there are no toxins or stress in your environment, it is good for creativity.

Keep fresh plants (especially those with bright flowers) on the wooden study table, and see the results for yourself.

And…Oh! The Aesthetics

As obvious as it may be, plants can be the ultimate aesthetic element on a teak wood study table. Plus, they break the monotony of papers, files, and all of that stuff, which aids in creating a workspace that looks and feels good.

And you don’t need to create a mini garden either. Just a small, simple desk plant will do.

We’re No Plant Experts, But Furniture? Have a Seat

Seated already? then it’s time you look up some great plants to add to your study table.

Don’t have one yet? Well no worries, as Aakriti Art Creations offers a wide range of genuine teak wood study table and chair options for you. Take a look and order online.

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