Sofa Set Guide 101 – How and Which To Choose

Looking for a sofa set but don’t know where to start?

We get it. You’re looking for a new sofa set but with so many options and things to consider, you’re a bit lost.

Well, the obvious thing to remember when getting a new sofa, be it a 2 seater sofa or a 3 seater sofa one is to check how comfortable it is. And relaxing on your sofa is the reason to get it after all, right?

So here are some things that can determine your choice of a sofa set.

How Do You Want to Put It?

Or simply what is the size, theme, and other features of the room where you are placing your sofa set? Furniture is something that has to match the rest of the room – color, style, and all.

So when you’re getting a sofa set, it would look best when there is another piece of furniture complementing it. Therefore, getting a matching sofa set with a center table would not only just look good, but also very much suit the rest of the room alongside the sofa set itself.


Sofa sets are available at various prices, and usually, the more comfortable, durable, and elegant they are, the prices are higher as well.

So it is your budget that determines whether you should be getting a teak wood sofa set or one made from oak.

How Big of a Sofa Set Do You Need?

Well, sofa sets can be distinguished not just based on how they look, or how comfortable they are, but also how many people they can accommodate.

And this choice is somewhat a personal one since it depends on how many people you have in your home, and the count of guests that usually visit.

And since a big sofa wouldn’t fit in a small room and would also cost higher, get a 3 seater wooden sofa only if you need it.

Don’t Compromise Comfort for Looks

If you look in the right place, there won’t be a shortage of options for a sofa set or other furniture for that matter. However, if you ever have to choose on a given budget, it would be wiser to get the one that looks decent but is more comfortable, rather than one that looks great but is not that great to sit on.

Arkriti Art Creations Has Some of the Exquisite Sofa Sets

With handmade art pieces being our specialty, Aakriti Art Creations offers you some of the unique sofa sets at prices that you’ll find most attractive. Select from the various options on our website, or get in touch for customized ones.

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