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Teak Wood Bed – For a Perfect Night Sleep

Why need a teak wood bed when you can have a comfortable sleep on just any other bed, you must be wondering. That’s a valid question indeed, but we can guarantee you’ll be surprised when you get to know the answers.

Why Buy a Teak Wood Bed?

In this modern era of eCommerce and online shopping, finding a bed that suits your needs is a matter of minutes. Most people would buy the first bed that comes on the screen (irrespective of the build material) and suits their budget goals without a second thought. 


However, little do they know that researching for and choosing a wooden bed has countless benefits in the long run, both in terms of investment and good sleep. That being said, here are the reasons to buy a teak wood bed.

Durability goes a long way

Long-lasting products hold a special place in every buyer’s heart. Beds made of teak wood are no different. The coarse texture, natural strength and durability make the beds a perfect choice and a life-long partner.


No More Pest Problems

Pests are a big menace in every house, especially if you have wooden furniture. However costly or beautiful the furniture might be, a little neglect and pests can completely ruin them. 


But you will be surprised to hear that teak wood beds are naturally pest resistant. Tectoquinone – a natural pesticide in teak makes it the least attractive to pests and termites and hence makes teak wood safe from pest attacks.

Maintenance – Don’t worry about that

Worried about rust, odd scratches and discolouration? Say goodbye to maintenance hassles. The natural longevity and resilience ensure that you don’t need to spend your precious hours maintaining the bed. Just an occasional wipe and clean is enough.

Classy Looks and Designs

Since you’re here, it’s quite understandable that you have a beautiful taste and fashion sense. To keep up with your expectations, a teak wood bed would definitely be the best option.The classic honey brown colour of teak wood with intricate linings are a sight to behold. You can even choose from customized or readymade carvings to further beautify the designs.

But, Where to Buy a Teak Wood Bed ?


Now that you have decided to buy a bed of teak wood (or are at least planning to), let us introduce you to the easiest way of buying the finest teak wood beds online.


At Aakriti Art Creations, we are the pioneers in handcrafted products that range from home décor to women’s fashion collections. Browse through our teak wood bed designs catalogue and choose from 100+ unique and customized designs. Visit us online at Aakriti Store today!


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