Teak Wood Corner Table Vs Console Table – How Are These Different?

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Take the most beautiful house or the biggest one – it would have been barren if it were not for furniture.

The basic idea of furniture for most people might be a grand sofa or a sliding wardrobe. But that can’t be it, right?

Modern homes need a few other things as well, two of them being a corner table and a console table.

So today you’ll know which one of these (or maybe both?) is fit for you.

What is a Corner Table?

A corner table (often referred to as a side table) is something that you keep beside a sofa. These are usually small and are used to keep the things that you usually need when sitting on your sofa.

These would be the TV or AC remote for example, or maybe the book you’re currently reading. Corner tables don’t necessarily have to be matching the sofa set and are suitable as long as they maintain the overall theme of the room.

There is another way you can place these in a room, as their name suggests, in the corner. Now in that case they may not be the most utilitarian, but do look quite aesthetic when you choose the right design.

What is a Console Table?

A console table is something that serves as an alternative to a desk and is roughly the same height as one of these. Rather than with some other furniture, these look better isolated, at the entry of a room or a hallway for example.

When choosing these, know that a teakwood console table is an affordable and durable variant if you have plans to use the console table for a considerable time.

There are tons of things that you can keep on a console table, and that too depends on its size and design. There are those with drawers, open shelves and so on that can be used to store the things that suit your taste.

Both a corner table and a console table are thus items that not everyone may require, but they do look pleasant and are often useful.

Depending on how your room is set up, both are excellent items to shop for the next time you’re in a furniture store. 

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