The Best Maintenance Tips For Your Wooden Dining Furniture Set

Wooden dining furniture is a common feature in Indian households, around which every family makes fond memories.

However, without proper care, all dining furniture starts looking dull and doesn’t remain as durable. Teak wood dining furniture sets are some of the best options, but these demand maintenance too.

The tips we mention below are simple, but are effective and hence should not be overlooked. Following these would help you use your dining furniture for a prolonged time.

Keep The Material In Mind

Just because you have a wooden dining table may not mean it is entirely wooden. For example, there can be a marble top, a glass top, and so on. However, you cannot clean them all with one material or mixture.

For example, while using vinegar to clean your glass table is easy and effective, do not even think about doing so with your marble-top dining table. And the same goes for the non-glass parts of the table as well.

So when cleaning your wooden dining furniture set, take the build material into account and take action accordingly.

Don’t Apply Without Experimenting First

The average dining table set 6 seater price in India is by no means low, and the last thing you’d want to do is damage it by cleaning improperly.

So before you enthusiastically start wiping your dining table with a new and untested furniture cleaner, try it first on a small area.

If it is not suitable, you’d realize that right away and save yourself from additional costs, or permanently damaging the dining set furniture.

Clean Regularly

Here’s the best tip for cleaning furniture – don’t do it once in a blue moon. And the same goes for a wooden dining furniture set, and to maintain them properly, stick to your cleaning routine.

Now you don’t have to do it every day, but rather at regular intervals like twice a week or so, depending on the material.

Use Place Mats

A dining table is meant to have food stains and often adamant ones that don’t go away easily. But there’s always a chance of scratches, especially with dining tables with a glass top.

To prevent that fiasco, you can simply use placemats that not just keep stains away, but make the table look better too. So combine these with your dining set ideas.


Dust is often the reason why furniture looks dull and orderly dusting is an inexpensive way to prevent that from happening.

Depending on your wooden dining set furniture design, there won’t be a shortage of places where dust can gather. And not removing them would only mean inconveniences later.

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