The Best Teak Wood Sofa Set Design To Make Your Living Room Come Alive

A sofa is certainly the heart of any living room, and many would consider their living room incomplete without it. Most Indian households certainly appreciate the elegance of an original teak wood sofa set.

Now let’s say you too want a wooden sofa and are considering options for the same. Other than the basic stuff like frame material, cushioning and all there is one other thing without which none of it would make sense.

Yes, we are talking about the overall design of a wooden sofa set and here are some of the most popular choices for an Indian living room.

L-shaped Teak Wood Sofa

An L-shaped teak wood sofa set is one of the most versatile kinds available. These are quite spacious so you won’t have to worry about accommodating more than a few guests.

Also, on top of being space-efficient, some are available with storage options too.

U-shaped Teak Wood Sofa

A U-shaped wooden sofa is much like an L-shaped one, though it is more spacious and hence can fit more people. And the best part is that these can complement both small and large spaces.

So if you need a sofa that can fit many people at once, a U-shaped teak wood sofa set is a great choice no matter the size of the room.

Traditional Wooden Sofa

If you’ve got a knack for traditional wooden furniture, then you’d love a traditional wooden sofa too. Now, these certainly demand a more traditional setting in the living room and your overall home.

A traditional teak wood sofa set looks best with a traditional chair or table nearby it. Keep that in mind when you go furniture shopping the next time and elevate the look of your living room.

Teak Wood Loveseat

A loveseat, or simply a sofa for two people is another great addition to a cosy living room. While some of you may not want to replace a wooden sofa with a loveseat entirely, we must say it is a worthy alternative for compact spaces.

Add a few cushions, and it could easily become the most comfortable spot in your living room.

Diwan-style Sofa

A diwan-styled sofa is not quite the latest teak wood sofa set design, though these are much more comfortable and highly preferred by Indian homeowners.

It can function as a regular sofa, while an adult can easily lay down on it too.

Aakriti Art Creations Has Teak Wood Sofas Tailored To The Indian Household

At the Aakriti Online Store, we have listed some of the most distinguishable teak wood sofa set models with price for you.

Take a look at our collection and order teak wood furniture today that looks elegant and lasts a lifetime.

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