The Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Handcrafted Furniture

Are you among those people who want to get furniture, but aren’t quite fond of mass-produced ones?

Well, the alternative available to you is handcrafted furniture, which needless to say, offers several features plus uniqueness.

Furniture buyers often face this situation where they have to choose between a mass-produced and a handcrafted piece of furniture.

No disrespect to the former, but today we would be putting forward some of the top benefits of handcrafted furniture in India.

Why Is Handcrafted Furniture Better?


Handcrafted furniture is unique. And this individuality separates them not only from commercial furniture but from other handcrafted furniture as well.

Upon buying any handcrafted furniture, you can be sure that even though it may not be one-of-a-kind, it is close to it.


When you choose a product from any handcrafted furniture company, it personalizes the piece of furniture for you. Hence the product is most likely to suit its surroundings better.

And when all of the furniture in a room is handcrafted, the overall ambiance of the room expresses your tastes.


When a craftsman creates a piece of furniture by hand, they are putting a lot of love, warmth, and their soul into it. And hence for someone who values these, commercial furniture is not something they would prefer.

Handcrafted furniture demands appreciation for craftsmanship. Once you touch and feel the furniture, you’d realize the feelings that were put into it.


Modern handcrafted furniture is more durable than contemporary commercial furniture.

Ever seen a dining table someplace that has been around for generations? Well, that is because it is handcrafted, as commercial furniture is not meant to last that long.

The ones to blame are the cheaper materials used in commercial furniture to keep costs low. And this naturally takes a hit on their longevity.


Since it usually spends more than a single generation in a family, any handcrafted furniture becomes a repository of memories.

So when you buy an item of handcrafted furniture, you’re essentially getting a means to preserve your legacy.


Handcrafted furniture in India is free from the ill effects that commercial furniture may bring.

Commercial furniture is made from cheap materials and thus ends up being discarded after a few years.

Also, chemicals like VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) are released. These affect both your health and that of nature.

Aakriti Art Store Offers You TheFinest Handcrafted Furniture in India

Any handcrafted furniture isn’t just an item of decoration, but a statement.

If you’re looking for premium handcrafted furniture online, then Aakriti Art Creations awaits you.

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