Tips to Choose The Centre Table Shape That Sits Well With a Sofa Set

Losing sleep about how you can’t choose the right sofa set with a centre table combination? We have you covered.

A centre table is not secondary but the most important piece of furniture in a living room – that has been established. And then there’s also the fact that it needs to be compatible with the sofa set (if present).

Colour, size, design – there are a lot of factors that one has to consider. Though today we would be focusing on a singular but crucial aspect of a centre table – its shape.

If you didn’t know what the right shape of the centre table for the living room would be, read on.

Don’t Just Consider The Sofa Set

The couch certainly matters when getting a centre table. But if you want to arrange the sofa set with a centre table the most elegantly, you have to take note of how big the room is too.

A centre table can do wonders for your living room, only when it doesn’t become an obstruction. While square and rectangular shapes can be flaunted in bigger living rooms, the oval or circular ones suit areas with smaller square footage.

And of course, there is the general rule that there should be a gap of at least 18 inches between the centre table and the nearest furniture. It won’t matter if you own the most comfortable 7-seater sofa set with a centre table unless there is sufficient legroom.

Here are Some of The Most Popular Combinations For These Two Items of Furniture

Rectangular Table For L-shaped Sofa

If you have an L-shaped or bigger couch, then consider getting a rectangular table. This is one of the most popular sofa sets with a centre table combination that is equally functional and pleasing to look at.

Given that your living room is big enough to accommodate the two and leaves enough space for movement, you can certainly go with this.

Square or Round Centre Table for Smaller Sofa

A square or round centre table works best when both the sofa and the room in it are placed are smaller in size. This sort of space-saving sofa set with a centre table arrangement can be made even better if you choose a table that has additional storage.

Oval Centre Table for A Chaise or Traditional Sofa

A chaise is hugely different from a traditional sofa, however, modern homes are increasingly preferring it.

Now if you’re inclined in getting either of these, then an oval centre table would be a great choice. The table top is spacious, and yet the overall table doesn’t take up as much space in the room.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Handmade Sofa Set with a Centre table

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