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Are you looking to upgrade your home? Look no further because MyAakriti has come up with certain ways to ‘Jazz-up’ your homes in an easy and economical manner. Painting your walls is no longer enough if you are looking to make them stand out. The walls are like a blank canvas longing/waiting to be decorated and adorned with the most elegant and unique artifacts to suit your personal style.

The entrance to your home is the first thing which anyone will notice and therefore, we have crafted unique styles of nameplates to bring out the real beauty of your home. Designed using tribal motifs and brass tiles from the Dhokra Art, each nameplate is unique and will reflect your own personal style. Choose your favorite design with our fully customizable option and own a truly unique piece. 

The actual beauty of anyplace can be enhanced with the proper lamps and lightings. We offer a wide variety of lamps to suit all styles and needs. Crafted using a variety of materials like terracotta, wood, metal, and brass, each design is unique and will capture the true essence of your home. Choose the perfect piece for your living room from our wide selection of chandeliers or your bedroom with colorful pendant and wall lamps. For those you enjoy reading, we have curated designs to diffuse light and create a perfect ambiance for all your readers. From the living room, bedroom, and even for your devotional needs, pick the perfect product, and add grace to your homes. 

Our mission is to create products that not only look beautiful but also serve a purpose and provides utility in your life. MyAakriti offers an exhaustive range of products to meet all your kitchen and serving needs. The serving trays are handcrafted from Wood and Ceramics to raise the style quotient of your dining experience. A unique collection of ’Salt-n-Pepper’ Shakers not only look beautiful but also serves an important purpose. Take your pick from our range of cups, glasses, and platters for all purposes and add interesting products to your collection. 

Mirrors are the most essential item for every home. They help us in our daily mundane lives, though we rarely ever appreciate their usefulness. From the moment we get up to the time for sleep, we almost always seek for a mirror to take a look at ourselves. MyAakriti has crafted a beautiful range of mirrors for your home. Crafted from a variety of materials like Teak, Mango and Rose Wood, each mirror is hand-painted with unique motifs from Warli and Madhubani Tribal Arts and adorned with brass tiles from Dhokra Art. Place it in your favourite corner or as per ‘Vastu’ to bring peace and prosperity in your life. 

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