Want To Buy a 6 Seater Dining Table? Don’t Be Bothered by These Myths

Are you second-guessing your choice of getting a 6-seater dining table because of the common misconceptions? Well here are the ones you can safely ignore.

Furniture myths have always bothered buyers, and it is very recently that materials other than wood are being accepted.

So we felt it necessary to debunk some common myths about dining tables (especially 6-seater ones) so that you can buy the best furniture anxiety-free.

6 Seater Dining Tables Are Too Big

Yes, they can be big if you choose such designs, but not every 6 seater dining table is huge.

Modern furniture is focused on the most functionality in a small space, and dining tables are no exception. A tip – go for round or oval designs rather than square or rectangular ones.

Only Big Rooms Suit 6 Seater Dining Tables

This is a misconception that applies to all furniture in general, and not just dining tables. So if you think you think a 6 seater dining table won’t suit a small room, you are wrong.

In fact, with a little research, you’d find not one but many options of a 6 seater dining table set for a small space that suits your other preferences as well.

Marble Top On Your Dining Table Is Bad

Quite the opposite in fact, and if you ask us, we would prefer one with a marble top over a 6 seater dining table set with a glass top.

Both marble and glass have their pros and cons, but the latter doesn’t look as elegant in most cases.

6 Seater Dining Tables Are Costly

6 seater dining tables do cost higher than 4 seaters or ones with smaller seating capacity, but they aren’t necessarily costly.

The cost of a dining table depends on its size, style, building material, and all such factors. So if you look in the right place, you must find an affordable 6 seater dining table set price in India.

Dining Tables Can Only Be UsedWithSame Chairs

Matching chairs on a dining table is the usual norm, but that doesn’t mean that you must follow them. A more recent trend is to get a 6 seater dining table set with a bench for seating, rather than chairs.

And if you at all get chairs, know that some color mismatching can look great.

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