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Handcrafted by Women of India

Our mission at Aakriti Art Creations is to create a space where the old meets new, art meets utility, where heritage is carefully crafted into your everyday life and preserved. We help underprivileged women find their identity, purpose & independence that lies within.
Each stroke has a story. Look closely, can you tell?


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Kalavati Aunty has always been an integral part of the MyAakriti Family. Rejected by society, she was forced to roam the streets and collect roadside garbage to fend for herself and her children. Kalavati came to meet us said that she is tired of her life and no longer want to live her life with tears in her eyes. That was a day that changed her life forever. Suman didi began counselling her towards a better lifestyle. It was hard for her to mend her ways, the streets had been her home so long that it wouldn’t leave her. Slowly and gradually she became skilled and is now able to undertake any task that is assigned to her. Her children now go to school and are privy to good quality education which we hope will lead to a better tomorrow and a better society where everyone is equal.


We asked my favourite Mani Aunty to tell me what made her join our MyAakriti Family and with a beautiful smile, she says, ‘I have three sons and the eldest of them got married. A petty argument with my daughter-in-law angered me and it was then that I decided to start working and no one in my family including my daughter-in-law wanted that. I was determined and found that there is a lady who does good work who might have a job for me. I was awe-struck when I entered Aakriti for the first time. The smiling faces of women enjoying their work and their state of bliss overwhelmed me. Even though Suman didi is younger than me, I started calling her didi and that was the start of my life where I was able to realise my self-worth. Now, I just come here and lose myself in my work which in turn will help and support many others like me!


I was always an anxious little girl when I first came to meet Suman Didi’, says Jyoti reminiscing about her early days. I have always been shy and quiet and worried about what might happen next and this was always the biggest obstacle that I had to overcome. The simplicity of didi became a guiding light in my life. She held my hands and said there is nothing to worry about, things have a way of working themselves out. I began by learning to fill colours in the beautiful artwork created by the artisans. Slowly and gradually I was able to work draw the figures and animals and eventually became skilled and efficient in my work. This helped me realise that if you put your faith and confidence into something, there is no mountain high enough which cannot be scaled. I felt important and realised that I, too can do it. Today, I am happily married and a mother of two beautiful daughters and I walk with confidence when I step out of my home.


I had just finished my matriculations and tired by my cranky and fussy nature my elder sister decided it was time for me to mend my ways and learn new things. It was her who took me to meet Suman di and told her to take me under her wing. At first, I didn’t like it there, everyone and everything seems to bother and irritate me. One thing which kept me there was di’s never-ending patience and persistence. She made me sit beside her every day and motivated me to do good work until one day I realised why did she did want me to work. Suman di is selfless and all she wanted was to contribute towards my betterment and that of our society. It was then I began taking my work seriously and today I am wiser all thanks to her. I am now able to guide and supervise over 50 people at once and carry confidence to meet all deadlines and complete all and any kind of task which is assigned to me. The words ‘No’, ‘Can’t’ and ‘Impossible’ have lost all their meanings.


I owe my life and everything I own to MyAakriti, says Reena di with tears in her eyes when asked about the importance of MyAakriti has in her life. I was only a child when Suman ma’am came to my house and convinced my parents to recognise the true potential of her daughter and I am thankful for that day when baba agreed. I soon realised that there is nothing that cannot be done, all that was needed was focus, determination and honesty. Today, I have a beautiful family, I am independent, self-reliant and I walk with confidence wherever I go. I am a part of the MyAakriti Family.



I was a lost soul struggling with my everyday life before Suman didi found me. All I ever wanted was to complete my education and when my family would not support me Suman didi came forward and got my admission done in the prestigious Jamia University in Fine Arts. That was the beginning of me, today whatever I am I owe it to didi who stepped up when no one was willing and made me the person I am today. Today I am capable enough to survive, not only for myself but also for my family. Suman didi is not my boss but more of my friend, sister, mother and family – MyAakriti Family.

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