5 Major Pros and Cons of A Wooden 6 Seater Dining Table – How Many Did You Know?

So you’ve finally decided to get that wooden 6 seater dining table you’ve been fancying for a while. But do you know the associated advantages and disadvantages?

Wooden furniture is often considered the “superior” kind of furniture. But is the grass greener on the other side? Stick with us to find out.



Here’s a fact – a wooden 6 seater dining table, no matter what type or shape is elegant to look at. Only a handful of materials give off the vibe that wood does.


Dining tables with a wooden top are in general sturdier than others with a marble or glass top. And if you wouldn’t be replacing your dining table anytime soon, this can come in handy.


A 6 Seater dining table set, especially a handmade one can be among the most unique furniture you have in your home. Also, these are customizable. So if you’re fond of uncommon furniture, these are the ones for you.


A 6 seater wooden dining table is versatile, so you can place it in almost any surrounding. Bring one home and it would certainly be the centrepiece of your dining room.

Low Maintenance

Wooden furniture in general can make do without much maintenance. And that is the same with a 6 seater dining table too. So host those guests without having to stick to a strict maintenance schedule.



A wooden dining table is not the most portable piece of furniture. And if you’re getting one that is meant for 6 people, it would undoubtedly be heavy. So moving it around won’t be much convenient.

Not Great With UV Rays

UV rays are known to dull the glamour of wooden furniture. And something as sizeable as a wooden 6 seater dining table is prone to damage by UV rays. Applying UV coating or simply closing window blinds is an easy solution though.

Water is Not a Friend

Wooden dining tables do not go well with water and so it would be best to clean spill-ups as soon as you notice them. Assuming you wouldn’t be dining underwater, water damage is the least of your concerns.

Scratches and Termites

If you buy a wooden dining table, beware of scratches and termites. With some protection though, these can be handled too.

Costly Repair

No matter what dining table 6 seater price you pay when buying it, know that repairs (when required) won’t be cheap. Also, you’d need someone skilled for it too.  

Figured Out if Wooden Dining Tables Are for You?

Even though there are downsides to it, one cannot but appreciate the charisma of a wooden 6 seater dining table. And the handcrafted ones at Aakriti Art Creations are of the highest tier.

Check them out today.

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